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Hey Mama's! It's been awhile, but I'm back at blogging! This blog is a little different, it's about your four legged children. We recently got two puppies, a chihuahua and an Australian Sheppard. They are now almost 5 months old. Interestingly, they were born one day apart from each other. If you have pets, then you know how expensive they can be and.... it's almost like having another child, especially in the puppy stage..... potty training, the teething, the constantly having to watch their every step. But back to the expensive topic, one of the expenses is the vet visits, which there are several vet visits that happen if you get a puppy. We were looking at our options for getting all of their shots done, and came across ShotVet. ShotVet is a mobile animal clinic that administers shots to dogs and cats at a discounted price. They offer packages that you can purchase on their website or pay on arrival, or individual shots which you can choose from. I chose the Puppy Club, which was only $159 for their first year of vaccines.

This past weekend was my chihuahua's last round of shots, so I wanted to share what I think about ShotVet. Overall, I think it's a great option for those who are budget conscious. The employees were always very friendly, and they treated my dog with care. I also did the fast paws option, where you pay online. If you do this, then you always go before the clients that pay on site. So you get in and out quicker. The only downside to ShotVet is that you are on their schedule and it might not work out with your personal schedule. They have limited locations where they set up and limited times. Luckily, the Winchester area is one of their locations where they have clinics. The clinic locations are at CVS at 1400 Tasker Road, Stephens City VA 22655 and the Petsmart at 161 Market Street, Winchester VA 22603. I was able to attend two of the clinics in Winchester, but then during the summer when we went on vacations, we missed the Winchester clinic dates, so I had to drive down to Culpeper, VA for two of the other visits, which was a drive. So it just depends if you are flexible enough with your schedule to make time to go when the clinics are happening. Also, I suggest along with paying online to also show up early because it can get quite busy!

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