My Introduction!



My name is Jenna Solenberger, I’m 31 years old, married and the
mother of 1 precious little boy named Logan. I consider myself an old
soul. By definition an old soul is a person who focuses on things that
bring lasting fulfillment and joy, not just temporary pleasures. I have
always had a fondness for eclectic music, indie coffee shops and used
bookstores. I love the smell of a well-worn book. I find myself drawn to
a slower more intentional way of living. I have worked at my family’s
hardware store, Solenberger’s Hardware, since the ripe old age of 15.
We choose to be an integral part of our community and wholeheartedly
believe in supporting everything local.




This has been gnawing on my heart lately
#SUPPORTLOCALEVERYTHING. I want to try harder to build community
by helping the next generation know the value of small businesses,
farmers, and local artisans. I’ve dipped my toe in the pool that is this
community but I want to dive headfirst into every opportunity this
town has to offer. In my quest to form more local allegiance I will be
visiting neighboring places and sharing my experiences with you.




The focus of my blogging each month will be sharing my local
experiences. I am going to use the alphabet to chart our course. The
letter A will include an interview with a local artist who is bringing
amazing life and texture to our community through her craft. Stay




I hope you’re as excited as I am to get back to our roots and dive
into this community. Let’s reclaim that small town “feel” and learn
ways to better support one another. Please join me in my quest and
feel free to share your ideas about what you believe makes our town
great from A-Z.


We are so excited to have Jenna on our WinchesterMoms blogging team and look forward to reading all her blogs! Want to read a little more about Jenna as well as the other WinchesterMoms bloggers? Click HERE! 





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