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5 ways to have fun inside this winter with your kids!

1. Go swimming at one of our local indoor swimming pools! There are two pools that offer open swim lessons as well as and general play time. There is Kids First Swim Schools and Jim Barnett Park pool , check out their schedules for open swim!

2. Bring out the games! Bring out the card games and the board games! Or even go pick up a new game to play! There are so many fun games out nowadays that can keep kids entertained for hours! Some of our favorite games are Go Fish, Uno, Monopoly, Sorry, Jenga, and Chutes and Ladders.

3. Indoor scavenger hunt. Hide clues around the house for a hunt that will keep them busy solving riddles and working as a team. Leave a “treasure chest” at the end with a few treats for an extra special surprise.

4. Get comfy with lots of pillows and blankets and jump in bed with your kids and have a reading party! Have each child pick out a few of their favorite books! Your kids might even get so comfortable that they might even end up falling asleep! Besides, an afternoon nap is always a good idea for us mama's =)

5. Make marshmallow structures. Use dried spaghetti and mini marshmallows to build anything your child can imagine! Experiment with the strength of different shapes and configurations or use this opportunity to introduce geometry to your little ones.

Here's an extra one......

This one isn't inside, but if there is snow on the ground, fill a spray bottle with colored water and write in the snow. This is a great way for young kids to practice their letters!


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