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Perfectly Posh Review

So I get to try out some pretty cool products from time to time that local ladies give me to try. I also am a shopaholic and buy lots of products that are out on store shelves as well! So I have decided to start blogging about some of these products that I try.

Today I am going to be writing my review on a few Perfectly Posh products, which was given to me by Michelle Dittmer, a Perfectly Posh Consultant here in Winchester. She gave me samples of a Cucumber Under Eye Sheet Mask, Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Sweet Orchard Citrus Hand Cream, and two bath balms.

I decided to take an evening to pamper myself with these products, which all of us mama's need to do from time to time! No mater if you only have 15 minutes, pamper yourself somehow! While I was filling up my bath, I put the bath balms in, then I used the exfoliator on my face. It felt very nice against my skin, not too gritty, but I could tell that it was getting the job done! After I rinsed the exfoliator off, I put on the under eye mask and jumped in the bath with my bath pillow. If you have a bath pillow, they are great for when you are wanting to relax in the bathtub! It's definitely a must for me. I got my relaxation on for about 15 minutes...... and it was amazing. After I got out of the bath I removed the mask, and then I used the hand cream on my hands, and by the way the Sweet Orchard Citrus scent smelled amazing! I felt my face afterwards and wow, it felt amazing =)

So this is a reminder for all of you mama's out there to pick a day this week and pamper yourself somehow! You deserve it!


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