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My Favorite Beauty Products

My Favorite Beauty Products

Hi to all you amazing moms out there! This month I’m going to show you some of my favorite beauty must-haves! Unlike fashion magazines, I give you the real deal on good beauty products that don’t cost hundreds of dollars to get amazing results.

These are products I use on a daily basis. I chose 7 products that I feel anyone could use no matter your skin type, skin color, or skin texture. These are items I could not live without!

  1. Physicians Formula Bright Booster – I began using this Bright Booster about two months ago because I have HORRIBLE dark circles under my eyes. Sometimes it’s from not getting enough sleep, but most of it comes from genetics. Crazy right? Dark circles are genetic (thanks Mom!). Anyway – this stuff has lightened up my dark circles A LOT. When I don’t have make up on, I only look like I’m turning into a zombie instead of looking like a Walking Dead extra. I highly recommend this oil because you can use it on your entire face, not just under your eyes. It doesn’t have a smell and it’s pretty light. And for $14.99 for a large bottle, the price is awesome. I purchased mine from Ulta, but you can get it at Target too.

Figure 1 - Amazon.com

  1. Younique Moodstruck Brow Obsession Palette – I was a non-believer in Younique products for the longest time. Eventually I caved and tried a few products, this one included. This brow palette comes in a few different colors and I couldn’t be happier with the results. There are two brow shades in each palette (a light and a dark) along with two brow highlighters and a setting wax. I can do both of my eyebrows in about 2 minutes and they look spectacular all day. If you use the setting wax, they stay on for a long time! The palette may seem a bit pricey at $39, but often Younique has sales or you can purchase the palette with a kit to save money. This palette will last forever (well, at least 6 months with doing your brows 5 times a week) so it’s well worth the money up front!

Figure 2 - YouniqueProducts.com

  1. Lumene CC Cream – I cannot say enough about this CC Cream. Previously, I used Avon’s BB Cream because it was cheap and it worked WELL. Then they decided to just stop making it. After drying up my tears, I researched for a similar product and Lumene happened to appear. I got a tube of the CC Cream on sale at Amazon for $6. This CC Cream is lightweight and has an SPF so it protects your face. But it also evens out your skin tone and even covers small blemishes so no need for concealer! It runs about $18.99 a tube retail, but if you can catch it at the right time, Amazon often has it for about $10 a tube. My tube usually lasts me about 2-3 months depending on how often I wear it. So it’s definitely a great buy, even at $18.99!

Figure 3 - Amazon.com

  1. Shiseido Face Cream – Since I’m married to a Korean, I had to put a K-Beauty product on my list. This cream has been a lifesaver! The day I turned 30, I swear my skin dried out like a grape in the sun. I received this gift from a family member and began using it. I saw results almost immediately. I use it nightly and it helps my face stay moisturized through the night and into the following day. It helps with fine lines (my crow’s feet are slowly disappearing!) and it has an SPF to help with UV damage. While it’s a bit pricey, this is your SKIN. It’s the only skin you will ever have, so take care of it! Jet.com has it for $45.99 a jar. My jar lasts about 6 months. You only need a small amount nightly.

Figure 4 - Shiseido.com

  1. Schmidt’s Rose + Vanilla Deodorant – Last year, I decided to ditch the aluminum deodorant and go au natural. The first deodorant I tried failed my test of both sweaty and smelly (No laughing…everyone has smelly pits when their deodorant doesn’t work!). After that, I found Schmidt’s at Target and purchased the Lavender and Sage scent. It worked wonders! I loved using it all the time and I didn’t feel awful if I re-applied. This deodorant is made with natural oils and baking soda. It doesn’t always stop all perspiration, but it does help. But now that my armpits have gotten used to the no aluminum, they have adjusted well and I don’t stink at all! If you really want to go crazy, go through a pit detox. Google it...you’ll thank me later. At $4.99 for a small size, you can’t go wrong. The smaller size will last about 1-2 months depending on how often you use it.

Figure 5 - Naturisimo.com

  1. Vaseline Rosy Lips Tin – This lip balm is amazing! It smooths out my lips while giving them a rosy tint. It’s not greasy and my lips feel moisturized and pretty without being overly done. I don’t really wear lipstick or lipgloss because my lips are always very dry, especially in the winter. This is a great substitute for lip products and it easily fits into your pocket. And at $2.99, the tin is totally affordable and lasts forever. I suggest buying a few and keeping one in your purse, one in the car, and one in your bathroom.

Figure 6 - Target.com

  1. Younique Moodstruck Epic Mascara – I know, I know…another Younique product. But honestly, I have tried about 4,000 different mascaras, and none of them compare to this one. This mascara plumps your lashes, extends your lashes, and stays on all day (and longer if you don’t wash your face…which you should always do before bed!). It’s waterproof, but not so much that you need turpentine to take it off. I’ve gone through a few tubes of this stuff, but that’s only because mascara is my one “must-have” every single day. Normally my drug-store mascara lasts about 2 months or so…mainly because I have to re-apply or use about 5 coats to get my lashes to look halfway decent. With Epic mascara, I use 1-2 coats and I’m done for the day. At $24, it won’t break the bank, and you know it works.

Figure 7 - YouniqueProducts.com

I hope you will try these amazing products, not only because I recommended them, but because they are truly amazing products, especially for a daily routine. I usually wear more make-up than this (eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, eyeliner), but on simple days, this is all I use. If you were to purchase these products at full retail price (which you don’t have to because…AMAZON! TARGET!), it would cost you $149.96. Sure this sounds like a lot, but all of these products last for months and months. When purchasing make-up and skin care, always go for the best and most natural because like I said before, it’s the only skin you will ever have, so don’t destroy it by using products that are subpar!

Lindsey Eom is a 30-something wife and mother of three from Winchester, VA. She has a 13 year old step-son, a 10 year old son, and a 2.5 year old daughter. She grew up in this area, and is still finding new things to do every week! Her hobbies include reading, writing, finding new recipes, and beating her husband in Jeopardy. She loves the city of Winchester and all that it has to offer for both kids and adults! You'll often find her at Bowman Library, the downtown walking mall (in the summer months!), and at the best mom store ever - Target.


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