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My Favorite Protein Powders

Do you have a favorite protein powder/ shake? If you do, what is it? My favorite that I have been using for awhile is the Vega brand that I get from Target or Amazon. I use the Vega Essentials shake in mocha and the Vega Clean Protein in vanilla. What drew me to the Vega brand is that the ingredients are natural and plant based. Being a vegetarian*(*to clarify, I do eat seafood, I do not eat any land animals, so technically i'm a pescatarian, but no one ever knows what that is... so i say vegetarian... lol) for over 13 years now, I am always making sure that I am getting enough protein in my diet. So whether I am trying to build muscle or not, I always use some type of protein powder/shake. I mix my powders with Califia almond milk (carrageenan free) , or blend them with other ingredients to make smoothies. Tip: If you are sensitive to chicory root, then don't get the vanilla flavor in the Essential Shake! I used to use the vanilla flavored Essential Shake, but it caused really bad bloating for me. So I found out that the mocha flavor does not include chicory root in it's ingredients. I tried the mocha flavored Essential Shake, and I had no problems with it, so that's what I have stuck with!

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Brieanna is a mom of two boys who enjoys blogging, running, health food, playing violin, buying anything pink, being a crazy WVU fan (Go Moutnaineers!) and juggles her time between her kids, hubby, trying to fit in "girl time" whenever possible, managing WinchesterMoms, and being a local Realtor.

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