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Cleaning Reduces Stress!

How cleaning can help you to reduce the stress

We all live a stressful life and there are usually countless factors which affect our mood every day. This is why many people are in a constant search for calming therapies and ways to relieve all the pressure from their hectic daily grind. Sometimes, however, there is not enough free time to spare for any type of meditation or relaxing sessions. After the constant hustle and bustle of your working schedule, there is usually a long list of tiresome cleaning chores that await you. For most people this only increases the stress even more.

I know that the last thing that crosses your mind when you hear the words housekeeping chores is that you can actually relieve the stress by doing your usual cleaning tasks. I can assure you, however, that there are actually a lot of different aspects of cleaning which can actually help you let off some steam and decrease your stress levels.

Declutter both your home and your mind

Clutter is always something which not only can make your home look awful, but it can also stress your mind. The chaos which can quickly sweep over your home can easily become overwhelming and difficult to deal with. This is why decluttering is proven to be quite therapeutic and calming. Once you get rid of all the unnecessary things, you will be able to see clearly and feel a little more at peace. By decluttering your home, you are also freeing your mind and slowly forgetting about the stress of your everyday life.

Think of cleaning as a way to have fun

You may think that this sounds ridiculous but cleaning can really be a way to relieve the stress if you include some music in your housekeeping chores. Scientist have proven that music can definitely help a lot when it comes to battling stress. All the tiring thoughts can be easily forgotten once you play your favorite playlist and turn the cleaning session into a party. Music is a way to leave all the bad thoughts behind and make cleaning a little less stressful.

Burn calories

One of the best ways to relieve some stress is to do some physical exercises and cleaning can be pretty exhausting. If you go up and down the stairs at least a couple of times during your cleaning and you carry your arsenal of well-trusted cleaning tools and solutions around your house, you are guaranteed to burn some calories and release some endorphin which can make you feel a lot better at the end of the day.

Enjoy the final result

The end result of your hard work is definitely the most motivating and satisfying part of the entire cleaning. Seeing what you have accomplished thanks to your hard work can make all the scrubbing and sweeping worth it. Having a clean home can seriously change the way you feel and it can decrease the stress that you usually feel.

So, there you have it. When you look at the cleaning as a method to fight the stress and pressure of your hasty everyday life it is actually quite therapeutic. Next time when you do your list with cleaning chores, don’t think of the maintenance of your home as another stressful factor but rather as a tool to fight all the negative thoughts and feelings which you have been accumulating throughout the entire busy week at work. It may be hard to believe but when you are short on free time and there are way too many cleaning chores that need to be done, cleaning can be actually pretty good way to overcome the stress of the daily grind.

About the guest blogger: Demi owns a small carpet cleaning business, CleanStart, based in London and also blogs about home improvement, cleaning and organizing.


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