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Happy #Nationalcoffeeday

Yupp, I love this day. Coffee.... the one thing that keeps most of us coffee loving mamas surviving in this crazy world with our hectic lives. Coffee.... it's magical powers turns me from a irritable, grouchy zombie, into a happy energetic cheerleader in the morning. It's National Coffee Day mama's! And I am celebrating by, well, what else, drinking a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee this fall morning I brewed from my Keurig and heating a pumpkin cupcake candle on the candle warmer!

8 Fun Facts About Coffee

1. Adults ages 25-39 are more likely to drink espresso based beverages. I definitively fall right in with that statistic. Love my caramel lattes, Macchiato's, and the seasonal Pumpkin Spice lattes!

2. The world's most expensive coffee is $600 a pound..... and it comes from the feces of a Sumatran wild cat. The cat is unable to digest the coffee beans, so they are fermented in the stomach, excreted, and ta-da! There's the coffee beans for the most expensive coffee! I have expensive taste, but yeah, I won't be trying that one.... ever.

3. There have been five attempts to ban coffee throughout history. One of those times was when Ottoman leader Murad IV ascended the throne in 1623 and created the first punishments for drinking coffee, which included beatings and being thrown into the sea. All I have to say about that is....That. Would. Suck.

4. Coffee is actually a fruit! Even though coffee is actually a seed of a red, juicy, cherry-like coffee fruit, it's called a bean because of its resemblance to actual beans. Very cool, sooo that means I should drink more coffee, right? Since I can call it a fruit!? =)

5. Finland is the most caffeinated country, where the average adult consumes the equivalent of four or five cups of coffee a day. How do you compare to Finn's? Most days I'm below Finland's coffee consumption, but I can't lie, there have been those days where I've been right there with the Finns' or even beat their five cups!

6. Dark roast coffees have less caffeine than lighter roasts. Even though the flavor is often stronger, roasting actually burns off some of the caffeine. Dark roast, light roast, I like any kind of roast... but good to know when I need an extra boost in the morning!

7. The average worker spends $20 a week on coffee. I don't like thinking about how much money I spend on coffee, because it's a lot, but that sounds about right or I possibly spend a little more than that... but shhh.. don't tell my hubby!

8. It takes approximately 42 coffee beans to make an average serving of espresso. I know it's cliché , but I got to do it... Cool Beans!

Check out some local coffee deals happening today in our area!


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