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Winchester Moms August Picks

WinchesterMoms August Picks

6 things to try in the last full month of summer!

I am a huge fan and slightly obsessed with Josie Maran products, and her Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment is amazing. When it's summer time, I don't like putting heavy makeup or even much at all on my face, so this is my go to product in the summer. Let's face it, we are mama's and all have hectic schedules and the last thing we have time for is putting on our makeup, but we still don't want to look like a hot mess when leaving the house either! This is sometimes the only thing I put on my face, and it makes my skin look great with just the one step! I use this every morning and night on my face and it makes my skin very soft and hydrated, and gives it a glowing, dewy look. You can purchase Josie Maran products on Amazon, Josie Maran's website, as well as Sephora, and QVC.

This has been my go to fragrance this summer, and I have even received several complements when wearing it as well! This light fragrance really smells like summer in a bottle. That's the only way I can describe it! QVC has a 4 piece layering set available, which includes the fragrance, a dry oil, and body wash & scrub. The smell is relaxing and puts a smile on my face, and I can't get enough of it! This is a great way to really enjoy your last full month of summer!

Check out a local farm this month that sells their fresh produce and taste the difference from store bought produce! There really is a difference! Plus, it's a fun experience with the kid's going to a farm or farmer's market. I prefer fresh vegetables, fruit, and eggs from local farms and even my own small garden! The zucchini in the picture is from my garden! Here are a few local farms that you should check out and see if you can taste the difference! Winchester Spring Valley Farm Market, Old Town Farmer market, Clarke County Farmer's Market, and The homestead farm at fruit hill orchard.

I love Bath & Body Works soap's and I love trying new scents. I switch out my soap's every season, and this summer I used Bath & Body Works Happy Hours Cool Coconnut Coalda. I usually like stronger scents for my soaps, but this one is a light, crisp scent and I fell in love with it. If I close my eyes, this scent makes me feel like I'm on a tropical island for a moment, which is a good feeling and is a nice mini break from mom'n! I am actually kind of sad thinking about switching this soap out when fall approaches, I love it so much! If you are not a coconut person, then try another summer fragrance soap and enjoy this August!

What goes great with a summer tan? White teeth! I use Smileactives and it keeps my teeth looking nice and white! Why I love this product? Because it is easy and doesn't take any additional time! I just apply it with my toothpaste every morning and night when I brush my teeth. That's it! It gradually makes your teeth white and is a good maintenance routine as well, especially since I am a hard core coffee drinker! Got to keep the coffee stain off my teeth!

Whether you are a regular go getter at the gym or you are more the "fit'ness whole burger in my mouth meme" kinda of mama, just try a new type of exercise or some new moves this month! Exercise has several possitive effects on our bodies, such as improves mood and boosts energy! So just a little bit of exercise can lead to a happier, healthier you! Buy a set of weights and do some exercises at home, or here are a few local places you can try out! Flash Point Fitness, HIIT Like A Girl, Shine Yoga, and ILoveKickBoxing.


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