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Flashpoint Fitness

Mama’s, There is a brand new fitness group in town that meets on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7, 8, and 9 AM, and I was lucky enough to try it out, and I had a blast! Flashpoint Fitness is an outdoor exercise group that utilizes playgrounds, parking lots, fields, mountains and more to get ‘functionally fit’. I’m so happy that this type of outdoor exercise group is in Winchester and I’m looking forward to being a part of it! Currently the program is for adults and teenagers, but when I was talking to the creator and owner of Flashpoint Fitness , Bill, there is a possibility of a kids Flashpoint group in the future as well!

The session that I took was a circuit workout at Red Bud Elementary school where there were 11 stations set up around the school. Stations varied from pulling a rope on a tire, step ups while holding weighted sand bags, carrying weighted buckets, and tire flipping (which was my favorite). Each station was timed for 45 seconds, and the instructor would say to start and stop. Then I walked or jogged to the next station to start my next exercise. I know 45 seconds doesn’t seem like much for an exercise, but believe me, when you are doing the activities at most of these stations, your thankful when the 45 seconds is up! Then once you complete the 11 stations, you do it again!

What I really liked about this workout was that it is held outside, it was challenging and fun, there were different weight choices for different strength levels to choose from, and it is something different from going to the gym which is a nice alternative once a week.

This is a great group to get plugged in with if you like to be outdoors, interested in fitness, and want to meet other local people with this common interest!

If this sounds like fun to you, then grab a friend, or come out by yourself and try it out for FREE this Saturday! You will want to bring a large bottle of water, a hairband to put your hair up if you have long hair, and a sweat towel. First class is free and then $15 a session after that, just register online!

For more information you can email Flashpoint Fitness at info@flashpoint.fitness , or go to the website by clicking HERE!


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