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Goat Yoga

If you haven't already heard about this new craze, which is Goat Yoga, it is exactly what is is called... A yoga class outdoors with adorable, friendly and loving goats wandering around you. It's been touted by the media as the greatest Yoga class of all time and on many people's bucket lists! I know that I'm looking forward to going to Goat Yoga!

Friendly goats wanting snuggles and to interact with you while doing yoga poses can be very therapeutic as well as boost your mood and even put a smile on your face!

Good news for Winchester families, Silver Maple Farm located in Berryville, Virginia is now offering Goat Yoga where they currently have 12 playful baby goats ready to entertain you as you participate in a beginner friendly yoga class. Classes are taught by April Rodriguez, an experienced yoga instructor and personal trainer at a gym up in Maryland. April will be teaching a gentle flow (Hatha yoga) suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. Class will be outside, connecting with nature in a playful practice with the goats. April says "Yoga is about connecting body movement with the breath through a series of poses that flow from one to the other, offering both passive and active stretches along the way. This brings about a mind-body connection that is understood to help the body relax and de-stress. All the poses are modifiable and will be taught with various levels of experience in mind."

You are encouraged to bring your own yoga mats or blocks with you if you have them and hair ties to pull your hair up so that your hair won't be nibbled on (apparently goats love to nibble on hair!).

The hour long classes are $30 per person and payment can be made ahead of time when registering for the class through their signup form or by cash or card at time of class arrival. Registration is required as class sizes are limited, and will fill up! Please contact Silver Maple Farm with any questions or for more information about their Goat Yoga!


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