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Fitness With A Spin!

This ones for you mama's! If you haven’t tried out Dazzling Divas 'fitness with a spin' here in Winchester, you have got to go at least try it and check it out! I mean it’s only $5 to try a class out! This would be fun to do with a friend as well! I signed up for a beginners class with them this week and had a lot of fun!

Dazzling Divas is a local business that provides fitness classes with the use of a pole. Their classes all include cardio, strength training, flexibility, and dancing. They offer a variety of class and package options throughout the week including morning and evening classes. They are located at 121 Weems lane here in Winchester near the salvation army and the Toyota dealership.

The classroom was a room that could fit about 11 women, which I liked because it made it more personable. Everyone was friendly and the instructor was super friendly and very helpful and patient with showing me a few moves. Incorporating the pole technique and sexy moves definitely made working out fun! So if you are one of those ladies that does not like going to the gym, and have a hard time getting yourself motivated at home to exercise, this is a great way to get your exercise in! You will actually look forward to attending these classes! Since I believe that exercise is so important, we need to find a way to exercise where we can enjoy it. Because let face it, if we dread working out or doing some type of exercise, most likely we won’t keep doing it. The same workout routine does not work for everyone, everyone has their own way of enjoying a workout, so you just need to find your ‘happy place’ with exercise. So whether you are a motivated gym goer or not, Dazzling Divas just might work for you!

You might not think you can get a good workout taking a pole class, but you do! I mean, have you seen some of the moves these experienced pole dancers can do? It's pretty amazing! And it does appear to be easy, but after I tried the beginner class I quickly changed my mind about that! The class consisted of obviously moves around the pole, stretching, squats, push ups, and floor exercises, so you engage your upper and lower body as well as your core throughout the class. I learned the fireman spin, which is one of the spins that you learn in a beginners class. The spins take upper body strength and your core to help spin your body weight around the pole. I didn’t look as suave and sexy as the other ladies doing it, but it made me laugh and was a lot of fun to attempt. After attempting it a few more times I got the fireman spin down, so that was an accomplishment!

You will want to take a bottle of water with you and wear comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in. I wore a pair of my athletic leggings, a sports bra, and one of my workout tops that I wear when I go to the gym to exercise. You will be removing your shoes and socks before going into the classroom, because you don’t wear any shoes or socks when you take a class, so the type of footwear is not important.

Dazzling Divas also offers party packages which would be a memorable way to celebrate a birthday or bachelorette party! Trying to find fun and unique venues for us adults can be hard to do in Winchester, but I love this idea! You can find more information about the party packages on their party page of their website.

For more information about Dazzling Divas and to give it a try, visit their website or facebook page.

I would love to hear from any of you that go give Dazzling Divas a try!

Keep being fabulous out there mama's!


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